Historic Country Schools and Churches

The Muscatine County Historical Preservation Commission (MCHPC) received a Certified Local Government Grant from the State of Iowa to determine the locations of rural churches and schools in the county.  Plat maps for each township, beginning in 1874 were analyzed to determine the exact location with follow up site visits by commission members. Interested parties can purchase the final report with details of each of the country schools and churches.  Personal copies of the report (made into a book, see image below) are available for $25. Please contact Lynn Pruitt to purchase a copy.  

Country Schools and Churches Book

The locations of each school and church will be added to the Muscatine Area Geographic Information Consortium (MAGIC) and this information will soon be available to the public under the title of “Muscatine County Historic Facilities.”  When this link is available, it will be posted here.

Below, you will find the digital copy of the book, separated into sections.

sample sign
Willow Grove School location sign