Volunteer Sheriff's Patrol

A reserve deputy sheriff in the Muscatine County Sheriff's Office is assigned as a volunteer, non-regular, sworn member of the Sheriff's Office Reserve Unit.  While in the actual performace of official duties, reserve peace officers shall be vested with the same rights, privileges, obligations, and duties as any other peace officer.  They do not have any law enforcement powers while off-duty.

Reserve deputy sheriff's are on call for emergency situations where additional manpower is necessary.  In addition to emergency use, reserves can be used for general law enforcement duties, transportation of prisoners, priority patrol projects, and assistance with special programs. 

Membership in this organization is strictly voluntary and all reserve deputy sheriff's for Muscatine County shall be 21 years of age at time of appointment and shall reside within Muscatine County. Members must have a valid Iowa driver's license and be insurable under the Muscatine County insurance policy.

All individuals will be subject to a background check.  Costs are approximately $1000.00 which includes weapon, leather, foot wear and equipment.  Patrol will provide uniforms.  You will have 18 months from date of appointment to complete training as prescribed by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

If interested in applying please contact one of the officers (list on the right).