Sex Offender Registration

Part of the responsibility of the Criminal Investigation Division is the Sexual Offender Registry.  It is the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office to meet with each offender on a scheduled basis or when pertinent information regarding the sex offender is new or changes.  At least one time per year, a physical check is done on each offender.  Each offender is required to be photographed annually and pay an annual fee. 

Common Question:
There is a sex offender living next to me and there is a school or daycare near by.  Can the sex offender live there?
Possibly.  By going onto the Iowa Sex Offender website and looking up that individual you can view their Restrictions.  If under Restrictions it states none then that individual can live there.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a local offender, please call 563-264-0188 for Sergeant Jacob McCleary, ext. 4105, Detective Hailee Polito, ext. 4128 or Detective Adam Bell, ext. 4004.

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