Strategic Goals

To encourage a climate of open communication between the county government and its residents and to promote communication within the organization by creating an atmosphere of personal initiative by respecting the contributions of every county employee.

Economic Development
To support the retention and growth of local businesses to increase employment opportunities for local residents.

To enhance the environmental quality of the county through the development and implementation of appropriate air and water quality standards, solid waste and hazardous materials management and the preservation of prime farm land.

To ensure the maintenance of roads, bridges and culverts, and public buildings within the county.

To achieve cooperation with other governmental entities, the business community, the educational community and other important organizations within Muscatine County.

Quality of Life
To promote the economic, physical and social well being of residents by encouraging self-sufficiency.

To ensure a safe county for all residents through provision of quality public safety programs.

To improve the services provided by the county government and respond to changing needs in the most cost-effective manner through the implementation of new technology.