Real Estate Service Requests

 Recorded real estate documents can be found on the Iowa Land Records website:

Iowa Land Records is a collaborative project of all 99 Iowa counties, and is managed and governed by Iowa counties and the Iowa County Recorders Association through a statewide intergovernmental agreement.  Iowa Land Records has reached a significant milestone – one million documents have now been electronically filed in Iowa.  Iowa real estate professionals are able to electronically file deeds, mortgages, liens and many other legal documents with Iowa County Recorders. The system has proven to be faster and more efficient than traditional paper filing. 

Submit this application to become an authorized user of the Electronic Submission Service:  ILR Electronic Submission Service

Real Estate Documents

Basic recording fee for first page
Each additional page
Documents used to perform more than one task (Per task)

Note: Deeds, contracts, forfeitures, affidavits for change in real estate, or any document conveying any interest in real estate will require an additional auditor's fee of $5 per parcel of contiguous land.

Iowa Real Estate Transfer

Iowa Real Estate Transfer Tax is paid on all real estate conveyances with consideration over $500. Transfer tax is based on $.80 per $500 of value, with the first $500 exempt. If the document is exempt from the tax, per Chapter 428A.2 of the Code of Iowa, that exemption must be typed on the face of the document.

Federal Tax Lien Search

Each name searched

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Filings

Please contact the Iowa Secretary of State for the forms required to file a UCC Fixture Filing with the Recorders office. Please visit the Iowa State website for more information.

UCC Fixture Filings (Standard Recording Fees)

UCC-1 (New Fixture Filing)
$7 for the first page
UCC-1Ad (Addendum)
$5 for each additional page
UCC-3 (Fixture Amendment Filing)
$7 for the first page
UCC-3Ad (Addendum)
$5 each additional page

Copies & Mailing

Certified copies
$5 + $1 per page certified
Copies in person 
$0.50 per page
Not available
Email requests
$2 per document